American Airlines Offering A 100,000 Point Bonus And 10% Off For Purchasing Miles

by Zac George

Not surprisingly American Airlines are again currently offering a significant bonus for purchasing miles through to July 8.

Details here:

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.07.15

At this time I won’t be purchasing any miles as I am planning some more flights with star alliance and my AA balance is sufficient for now.

Is this bonus worth it? Definitely. There is still some good value in the AA program and this is how all of my Oneworld redemptions are funded. I still value AA miles more then Qantas and thats even after the devaluation.

Since AA are going to be switching to a revenue based system I was sad too see how much of the program will change and a lot of travellers are not happy. Not long ago I was considering switching from Qantas to American for elite status as I find AA to be a lot more value especially for redemptions. I am glad that I decided to wait it out and I will stay with Qantas for the time being.

If you are planning to travel with any Oneworld carriers or AA partner airlines I would definitely take advantage of this deal.


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