Jin Air To Start Flying To Cairns From Febuary 2017

by Zac George

Yesterday low-cost carrier Jin Air announced services from Seoul to Cairns to start in February 2017. This is the first direct service from Korea into the Cairns region.

The airline have a fleet of both 737-800 and 777-200ER aircraft. They will use the 777 variant for these services. Interestingly their 777 fleet have 2 different configurations of 355 and 393 seats. It is not clear which variant will be used.

hl7733-jin-air-boeing-777-2b5er_PlanespottersNet_670671Jin Air Boeing 777-200ER (Image – Wong Chi Lam)

The layout of the seating on the 777 is 2-5-2 which surprisingly isn’t too bad for a low-cost carrier. The airline has a somewhat ‘premium’ cabin called Jin Plus, the seat is only 6 more inches wider then the economy cabin.

They also offer IFE in 2 forms. They offer a downloadable application and also offer tablets which can be purchased to use.

jin-air-777-200-hl7743-08cabin-icn-jin-airlrEconomy cabin (Image: Jin Air)

Also something that is interesting is that their parent company is Korean Air a full service airline. This means they do all their maintenance and checks which is quite relieving to know for some passengers.


For a low-cost carrier they do not sound too bad, compared to some other LCC’s they seem to be quite good especially only being 9 across. I would be very interested to see the loadings of the flights when they start.


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