Aviation Fan?, You Need To Watch This Film!

by Zac George

As a huge aviation fan films about planes, travel, airports etc always excite me. National Geographic have been working on a film called ” Living In the age of airplanes ” and it’s been in various cinemas for some time but only in the U.S. but now it is available to buy and download.

If you haven’t seen the trailer here it is:

National Geographic always create incredible films and documentaries and they continue to keep up their reputation creating a masterpiece.

The film can be bought on their website or through Itunes, google play store or amazon.


The film showcases how far aviation has come and has some incredible footage that really makes you go ‘wow’!

After watching the film I sat and looked at pictures of these incredible machines and it made me appreciate them a lot more.

Etihad A380 landing in Sydney © Zac George

Etihad A380 landing in Sydney © Zac George

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