For a while now, we’ve known that Singapore Airlines will be introducing a new Suites product which is just found on their A380. The current product consists of 12 suites. 4 on the sides and 2 rows of 2 in the center. The coolest thing about Singapore Suites is the fact that the middle seats can be transformed into a double bed.

I’ve flown Singapore Suites twice now and the product is pretty fantastic, especially when you can get the double bed. It’s a really special experience.

Point Me to the Plane was the first to post about the new seat map, so credit to them.

Singapore Airlines Suites

Here is the new seat map for the new Suites:

You’ll notice that the new suites are on the top deck of the aircraft instead of the bottom which is where they are currently. The new cabin will consist of only 6 suites instead of the 12 they have now. Sadly we will have to say goodbye to the double bed 🙁

There isn’t currently any photo’s or information on what the new product will be or look like but many are guessing that the product could be somewhat like Etihad’s A380 Apartments.

Etihad A380 Apartments

A single aisle in First Class ultimately equals fantastic privacy and also means big suites. I’m guessing the suites maybe a little larger than what Etihad have as they have 9 suites instead 0f 6 that SQ will have.

The new seat map hasn’t yet been loaded onto flights but Australian Business Traveller has tipped that the airline wants to fly the new product into Sydney in October of this year. Sydney was the first destination for the Singapore Airlines A380.

Who’s excited to see Singapore Airlines’s new Suites?

Hat tip – Point Me to the Plane