How To Get World Of Hyatt Points In Australia

by Zac George
a hotel room with a bed and a tv

Getting Hyatt points in Australia is extremely difficult for some unknown reason, this post explains why that is and how you can earn them.

Why is that?

We have no Hyatt-branded credit cards

In Australia, we’ve got a number of banks and most of them aren’t the best for frequent flyers. Unlike in the U.S we have very few branded cards, a few banks have airline branded cards but I can only think of one bank in Australia with a Hilton card.

We now have no credit card transfer options

The only bank that used to be able to obtain World Of Hyatt points was Diners Club but they had a massive devaluation for their cards last year and scrapped half of the transfer partners, one of them being Hyatt. This was a massive let down as that was the only way credit card spenders could transfer points.

Hyatt have quite a small presence in Australia

In Australia we have quite a small Hyatt presence, well we do lack a lot of chain hotels. We only have 5 properties in Australia but in saying that, the Park Hyatt Sydney is incredible and I’m glad we have that one. All together we have the Park Hyatt Sydney, Hyatt Regency Sydney, Park Hyatt Melbourne, Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Hyatt Place Melbourne, Hyatt Regency Perth and the Park Hyatt Canberra.

So how do I get World Of Hyatt Points?

Buying points

Without a doubt, the best way to get Hyatt points quickly and easily is to buy them. If you’re wanting to buy them I would heavily wait until they have a sale as it’s much more worth it. This is also a great way to get stays at properties like the Park Hyatt Sydney for much cheaper rather than paying the nightly rate which can get above $1.2k.

a screenshot of a credit card

Staying at Hyatt properties

Obviously, this goes without saying but staying at Hyatt properties earns points. Luckily we have some very nice Hyatt hotels like the Grand & Park Hyatt’s in Melbourne and of course the Park Hyatt Sydney which is amazing.

I’ve stayed in the Grand Hyatt Melbourne a few times and found the hotel to often have some great rates, what’s even better is the points + pay option at this hotel is an exceptional value as it earns you both stay credits and points back.

a hotel room with a bed and a tv

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Renting a car with Avis

The third way to earn World of Hyatt points is by renting a car through Avis. When renting a car through Avis you would earn 500 points and 25% off when entering your World of Hyatt number but there is an offer available until May 31st. If you use the code MUHA014 you’ll receive 1000 points on top of the 25% off with the worldwide code K817700. Points usually take 6-8 weeks to go into your account.

a red car on a red background

Avis Rental (Image – Avis)

Move to the U.S or get an ITIN

If you REALLY want Hyatt points you could move to the U.S and become a citizen ;). No but seriously, you could get an ITIN number. Basically, an ITIN number is an Individual Tax Payer Identification number and what this does is enable you sign up for US credit cards instead of getting a Social Security Number. If you’d like more info on how to do it click here. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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