Velocity Frequent Flyer Partner With Bupa Health Insurance

by Zac George

Earning points in Australia is very easy, especially on the ground. With restaurant portals, shopping portals, surveys, subscriptions, they all add up. One of the more recent ways to get points through airlines in by signing up for health or travel insurance. When you do this, the airline will usually give you a generous bonus for signing up and it makes it a lot more enticing. As an example, Qantas’ Assure offers 75,000 points when first signing up.

Virgin Australia has just announced that they have partnered with health and care insurance provider ‘Bupa.’ The new partnership is for Australians who are wanting to get health insurance. As the partnership is brand new, the airline is offering a bonus of 80,000 points for couples and families and 40,000 points for singles who sign up for insurance.

For 35,000 points, you could be off to Perth in Business Class…

Here’s exactly how many points you could earn for the packages that are offered:

If you’d like to learn more about the new Bupa partnership, click here. If you’d like to take advantage of the significant signup bonus, you’ll have to join Bupa before June 30th.

This is what you have to do if you’d like to take advantage of the offer:

  • You have to ring Bupa and get a quote on the package you would like
  • You can join online or over the phone when doing this – you’ll need to provide your Velocity number and agree to do direct debit.
  • The points are credited to your account in two sections, so if you’re just wanting the points for a redemption, this isn’t the best way to get them at once.
  • You’ll receive the first lot of points on month 3 of your plan and you’ll receive the second lot on month 12 of your plan. This is just to make sure people don’t sign up for the points then leave 😉


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