For the past few days, there’s been massive news about countries cutting their ties with the country of Qatar. 7 countries have cut their ties and some are also telling Qatari citizens to leave their respective countries. The 7 countries are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and The Maldives. This has obviously had major effects on the airlines from those countries but also on Qatar Airways.

Ben from OMAAT wrote a brilliant post about how the carrier isn’t taking the ban well at all. At first, they seemed to act like business as usual and almost like this is a very temporary ban. But it doesn’t appear to be a ‘short’ ban…

Gulf Business is reporting that the UAE government has told Qatar Airways to close their offices immediately or severe action may be taken. 

Per Gulf Business,

“The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority has taken the decision to close all offices of Qatar Airways in the United Arab Emirates with immediate effect.”

Qatar A350

Obviously, the countries that have cut ties with Qatar are extremely serious with their decisions and don’t look to be backing down from making them. It’s said that Bahrain and Saudi Arabia has also ordered the same action to be taken today.

The situation doesn’t seem to be easing up and I can’t imagine this will end in the next few weeks but, It’s the middle east and they always surprise.

On another note about Qatar, their first Qsuites fitted 777 looks to have been delayed…

Featured Image – Bernard Proctor