Virgin Australia Passengers Flying To Brisbane From Los Angeles Now Have Lounge Access

by Zac George

Virgin Australia has been a little crazy in the last few months in regards to lounge access in Los Angeles. The airline has been swapping and switching between lounges and it’s been quite confusing as it’s been changing quite quickly.

Business Class passengers and Virgin Gold members used to be able to access the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge while Platinum members could use the Star Alliance First Class Lounge.

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge Los Angeles

Now, Virgin Australia Business Class guests on the Sydney and Melbourne services use the Etihad lounge.

Etihad Los Angeles Lounge

Whereas Gold and Platinum members are able to access the Emirates lounge.

Emirates Los Angeles Lounge

However, since the switch in lounges, the passengers on the Brisbane flight have had no lounge access. The VA6 service departs Los Angeles at 11:15 am on Saturday’s. The Emirates lounge opens at 6:30 pm and the Etihad lounge opens at 5:20 pm. This meant that Virgin had no agreement with a lounge and instead gave passengers food vouchers for the terminal.

Velocity had now updated the lounge access in Los Angeles and passengers on the Brisbane flight can use the Los Angeles International Lounge. 

while I think it’s great that Virgin have given passengers lounge access, the lounge picked is quite a disappointing choice. It’s said to be the worst lounge at Tom Bradley terminal which is saying something. I just wish VA could have arranged something with Etihad or Emirates but I’d say the prices to use the facilities would be very high…

To see a review of the lounge, Ben at OMAAT reviewed it here.

Virgin Australia 777 Business Class

What are your thoughts on the new lounge access?

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