Emirates Will Take Delivery Of Their 100th A380 On November 3rd

by Zac George

Emirates have always been known for being a massive and extravagant airline. The Dubai based carrier has quite a number of records under it’s belt including being the first airline to introduce onboard showers, use the 2nd largest building in the world by space as their terminal and they’re also the largest operator of both the A380 and 777-300ER aircraft. Those are just some of the massive things Emirates are known for.

The airline first received the A380 in July of 2008 and it was clear to the airline that they would be needing more and more of the superjumbo’s. The airline originally only ordered 43 of the aircraft but by then end of their order, the carrier will have 142 aircraft and they’ve stated that they plan to order more.

Emirates A380

Emirates have been taking delivery of aircraft quite regularly and very soon, they’ll be receiving their 100th A380. The new aircraft will touch down in Dubai on November 3rd and will be filled with media and the airline will be putting on a very grand celebration from what I’ve been told.

I’ve been lucky to fly on many Emirates A380’s and always found them very comfortable and an enjoyable ride. From a passenger perspective, the A380 is a delight as you’ll almost always find they will house an airlines flagship product and the space is a lot larger on than other aircraft in the fleet.

Emirates’ New A380 Bar

Emirates have been making improvements to their A380’s as time goes on and they’ve done a brilliant job. Recently they introduced their new onboard bar which is currently flying on 2-class A380’s only, and before that they upgraded their IFE systems and introduced a new wifi system which is quite a step up from their previous equipment the carrier used.

Congratulations to Emirates on being the first ever carrier to reach 100 A380’s and I’m sure they’ll be having a big celebration for the milestone.


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