I know I know, the lack of posts the past year (almost 2) has been pretty disappointing, I first of all want to sincerely apologise for that. I hate making promises that I can’t keep and unfortunately I kept making a habit of that on the blog – I’d take time away and there’d be near to no posts, well I’m happy to write, that’s no longer going to be the case.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen a post regarding my absence, if you don’t, here’s a brief rundown. Turning 18 definitely had it’s benefits, being able to access lounges legally, checking into hotels legally and also being able to take full advantage of the the beverage selections before, during and in some cases, after flights.

Unfortunately for me, I’m someone who can be very easily influenced and I regret to say, I was falling into the wrong type of crowd. Instead of writing and doing what I absolutely love, I was out partying and being an idiot – I’m don’t want any sympathy at all for that, it was soo stupid and looking back it now, makes me soo sad.

The readership on this blog varies and I have quite a large number of readers who are quite young and I just want to send a message to you, don’t let others influence you in a negative way and even if you feel the slightest feeling they are – remove yourself from the negativity, it’ll save your life. Follow your dreams and strive for being successful in the right way.

I’m happy to say, I’ve cut a lot of people out of my life who were starting to bring me down and I also had a lot of people close to me make me realise what I was doing with my time was dumb and it made me realise how much I missed writing. Without negativity and bad influences, I’ve become a lot happier and concentrated on what I love to do and that’s write about travel and help people travel for less.

I’m back travelling again and I don’t want to stop. I want to build the blog up again and make it bigger than what it was, and that really excites me. I’m currently in Queenstown, NZ enjoying the beautiful scenery and I’ve got a ton of content that’ll be posted as time goes on.

Queenstown, NZ.

As a teaser, here’s a couple of photos of one of the reviews currently being written and prepared, a stay at the W Brisbane in the Extreme EWOW Suite.

W Brisbane EWOW Suite


W Brisbane EWOW Suite

I’ve got a load of content that’ll be posted as time passes and I can’t wait to showcase that with you guys.

I just want to thank everyone that’s stuck around and continued reading the blog. As well as readers and other writers that have continued to assist and inspire me to keep writing – you don’t know how much that means.

Welcome to the blog if you’re new and please make yourself comfortable.

– Zac George (Points From The Pacific)