Review – Sheraton On The Park Sydney Terrace Spa Suite

by Zac George

I was in Sydney on Monday night and decided I’d stay at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney. I’ve stayed there before back in early 2017 however that was before the hotel had it’s refurbishment finished. I was quite eager to check out what the rooms were like as my mate who was visiting from Prague was also staying at the property and said the new rooms and refurb was really quite nice.

I booked a standard room for $240 but at the time of check-in was given the chance to upgrade for cash into a suite. The attendant gave me 3 options and I decided to go with the first option which was a Spa Terrace Suite for $400 and also included lounge access. I thought this would be a good opportunity to review on the suites and considering the standard rooms can go for $500+ it was a good deal.

Sheraton On The Park Sydney Spa Terrace Suite

The hotel features 558 rooms including Suites. The refurbishment of the Sheraton started in September 2017 and was completed in early 2018 and I can confidently say, they’ve done a really nice job.

Sheraton On The Park Sydney Spa Terrace Suite

The Suite featured a heap of glass bottled water and a ton of small plastic water bottles.




The minibar featured an assortment of soft drinks, juices, beers, and a bottle of wine and champagne.


When you first walking into the Suite, you’ll find one of the 2 bathrooms to the left.

1st Bathroom

The room is 90sqm and features 2 bathrooms, living space, King Bed and a large bathroom with a spa.

Sheraton On The Park Sydney Terrace Spa Suite

There’s also 2 TV’s, one in the living room and the other in the main bedroom.

Living Room TV

The main bedroom has a King Bed, small sitting chair, bluetooth alarm which also doubles as a speaker.

Main Bedroom

The bed was really comfortable however I didn’t get too much sleep as I was writing posts.

Main Bedroom


Main Bedroom


Main Bedroom

The next area of the suite you’ll find after the bedroom is the closet and luggage storage area.


The closet had a lot of storage as well as room to hang garments up.

Closet Space

And the main bathroom can speak for itself, It definitely was nice on such a cold night!

Main Bathroom

The Suite features lovely Hermēs Amenities which I find to be among some of the best offered in the hotel industry.

Hermes Amenities

The bathroom features 2 seperate basins which is always useful if you’re travelling with someone.

1st Basin

And here’s the large Spa Bath.

Spa Tub


Spa Tub


2nd Basin

Just past the Spa bath is where the 2nd toilet, Bidet and Shower is found. I really enjoy the white marble in the property, it’s classy, modern and really make the area look big.






Probably my favourite feature of the room however was the outdoor terrace. It’s quite a nicely sized one and provides a different view to what most hotels offer and that’s usually the harbour.

Outdoor Terrace

The terrace starts at the bedroom and leads down to the bathroom so about 5 or so meters in length.

Outdoor Terrace

I was welcomed to Sydney not only with a go around but also a fantastic sunset which was great to look at from the terrace, shame it was about 10/11 degrees and windy at the time of taking this.

View From The Terrace


View From The Terrace

If you look up from your terrace you’ll be able to spot the Westfield Tower.

View From The Terrace


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the refurbished Sheraton on the Park in Sydney and will definitely return. I also got to view the standard rooms and was pleasantly surprised with the space they offer as well as the finishes. Being Marriott Gold now, this would probably be my go to hotel. The Westin I’m yet to review but it can also be priced higher than the Sheraton on many occasions.

Have you stayed at the Sheraton on the park in Sydney?


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