Virgin Australia has today outlined some pretty significant and rather disappointing changes to their luggage allowance in the Premium Economy cabin on long-haul services to and from Los Angeles. These changes have been made to be more in line with their partner Delta for flights taken in the United States.

For those passengers that currently hold Silver, Gold or Platinum status with the carrier will be able to take 23kgs instead of the current 32kg’s. Here’s the table below for reference:


These changes really aren’t nice to see and it’s quite frustrating if you’re someone who relied on extra luggage allowance for shopping, clothes etc for long-haul flights to and from the United States.

Virgin Australia 777 Premium Economy

For those wanting to know how much extra baggage is, 1 bag on a flight to the United States will cost to $140 AUD while two bags will cost you $280 AUD. For passengers returning back to Australia on Virgin Australia, 1 bag extra will cost you $140 USD while 2 bags will cost $280 AUD.

I’m pretty disappointed by this change and I know I’m not the only one. Yes it maybe only a difference in 9kgs but that is a lot when you’re going to a cold destination and have to bring thermals and warm clothing.

What are your thoguhts on Virgin Australia’s change in Premium Economy luggage allowances?