Asiana Will Operate Their A380 To Sydney For 5 Months

by Zac George

As the peak travel period is starting to creep closer, more and more airlines are switching up their aircraft to help meet the extra demand and this often fantastic news for passengers. I’ve already posted about a couple of airlines and now I’ve got another one to add to that list, Asiana.

Asiana is a Korean based airline out of Seoul who currently operates a Boeing 777-200ER to Sydney daily. Starting in a couple of days, the airline will swap out the aircraft for their A380 to bring more passengers to and from Korea.

The A380 will commence services to Sydney from Seoul Incheon from October 29th until March 28th, 2020.

Asiana A380 Business Class (Image – Asiana)

Asiana flight 601 leaves Seoul at 8:00 pm and arrives into Sydney at 8:20 am the following day.

Asiana flight 602 leaves Sydney at 10:20 am and arrives into Seoul at 7:00 pm the same day.

As nice as the upgrade in aircraft is, there is one major disappointing fact about the swap and it’s that their Business Suite and Premium Economy are not being sold on this flight. Usually, when an airline brings in a larger aircraft, they’ll often let elite members move up into the higher cabin but that won’t even be possible – only Business and Economy Class are being sold and are available to sit in.

The Business Class cabin contains 66 suites in a 1-2-1 configuration with every seat featuring a pitch of 74.5” and width of 21.3” while the Economy cabin contains a total of 417 seats in a 3-4-3 configuration and every seat has a pitch of 33” and a width of 18.9.”

Asiana A380 Economy (Image – Asiana)

What points can I use to fly Asiana?


  • Business Class – 40,000 points one-way
  • Economy Class – 20,000 points one-way


  • Business Class – 55,000 points one-way
  • Economy Class – 30,000 points one-way


  • Business Class – 94,500 points one-way
  • Economy Class 45,000 points one-way

Overall It’ll be nice to see the Asiana A380 back in Sydney once again but it’s really a shame they haven’t opened up the other cabins for reservations. The airline actually stopped selling their First Class and renamed it as Business Suites (still the same seats) earlier this year. Even though they’re named ‘Business Suites’ they still will not be available.

Featured Image credit – Rory Delaney 

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