Awesome News! – Japan Airlines Bringing First Class Back To Sydney

by Zac George

Japan Airlines have an absolutely stellar first class experience. Yes, the suites may not be as private as some of their competitors but what they lack, they more than makeup for in the other aspects of service like the crew operating the flight or the meal and beverage choices onboard.

I’ve had the pleasure of flying Japan Airlines first class a couple of years ago. The airline has first fitted on their 777-300ER’s and for my flight, I flew from Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita which was an excellent test to see what my overall thoughts on it were and well, I was very impressed.

JAL 777-300ER

JAL is bringing First Class back to Sydney with the 777!

On March 26th 2017, Japan Airlines withdrew the 777 from the route and replaced with it a 787-8 and 787-9 which isn’t fitted out with the cabin. If you’ve missed having jAL first in Sydney, you’re about to get excited. Executive Traveller is reporting that from September the 2nd 2020, JAL will once again bring back the 777 which gives passengers a new cabin to either purchase or redeem for.

As well as the re-introduction of first class on the route, the amount of seats in the aircraft also changes as there will be more seats across all cabins. This also means a slightly greater opportunity for redemptions.

To read my review of my first class flight, take a look here and to read my business review, take a look here.

Salon 2007 Is Now Served Instead Of The 2006 Pictured

The greatest thing I find with JAL is really how nice and non-robotic like the crew are. I’ve also flown in business and felt quite similar, but their first class experience really is quite exceptional. The airline offers a great wine list as well as most delicious foods like the Ramen noodles which I enjoyed.


What are the best points to use on travel for Japan Airlines?

American Airlines

  • First – 60,000 points one-way
  • Business – 40,000 points one-way
  • Premium Economy – 35,000 points one-way
  • Economy – 30,000 points one way


  • First – 123,000 points one-way
  • Business – 90,000 points one-way
  • Premium Economy – 70,800 points one-way
  • Economy – 37,000 points one-way

Japan Airlines Mileage Bank

  • First – 50,000 points one-way
  • Business – 40,000 points one-way
  • Premium Economy – 25,000 points one-way
  • Economy – 18,000 points one-way

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

  • First – 87,000 miles one-way
  • Business – 61,000 miles one-way
  • Economy – 27,000 miles one-way


This is extremely positive by the Japanese airline, and I’m thrilled to see first come back to Sydney. The award availability on the route is also quite good, making it a great option if you’re going up into Asia or even beyond.  I’d love to fly JAL F again, and I think I might get to later this year once it commences.

Have you flown Japan Airlines First Class before?

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Joel January 22, 2020 - 8:43 pm

Asia 1 to South Pacific is 60000 miles each way in first class.

Zac George January 22, 2020 - 8:52 pm

Have corrected it, thank you. 🙂

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