Earn Bonus Velocity Points On Flights To London, Los Angeles And Tokyo Haneda

by Zac George

Virgin Australia has just recently introduced a brand new promotion which enables passengers to earn bonus Velocity points whenever they travel on a select service to the three destinations that the airline has chosen, Los Angeles, London and lastly, Tokyo.

This Velocity point bonus seems to be a joint promotion which helps showcase the partnership between Virgin Australia and their cousin, Virgin Atlantic. Earlier last year in June, both airlines expressed interest in strengthening their partnership and it appears this may be some part of that.

As you can see from above, the carriers have only given three routes on which you can get extra points. Virgin Atlantic operates services to London while Virgin Australia operates flights already from Sydney to Los Angels and from the 29th of March, they’ll commence their new Brisbane – Tokyo Haneda service.

What do I have to do to earn the bonus Velocity points?

Virgin Australia will be awarding guests bonuses, and that will ultimately depend on which cabin you’re seated in and if the ticket is either one-way or return.

  • Business Class – business guests, can earn 20,000 points when they fly a return ticket
  • Premium Economy – guests can enjoy 12,000 points when they fly a return ticket
  • Economy Freedom – guests can enjoy 10,000 points when they fly a return ticket
  • Economy Getaway/Elevate – guests can enjoy 5,000 points when they fly a return ticket

If you’re only flying on a one-way flight, you’ll just want to halve those numbers above.

Virgin Australia 777 Premium Economy

As with all promotions that I write about on the blog, there are of course some important details that you’re going to want to know:

  • You have to book your selected flights before February 2019, 2020
  • Your travel has to be taken before the 15th of December 2020
  • The bonus points can take up to 4 weeks until they appear in your account
  • This offer cannot be used with another from Velocity
  • J, C, D, I are all of the business class fare codes
  • R, W, O are all of the premium economy fare codes
  • K, H, B, Y are all of the freedom economy fare codes
  • M, S, T, Q, V, N, E, L, G are all of the getaway/elevate economy fare codes
  • There is no limit as to how many times you use the offer


This is quite a generous promotion, and I’m sure it’ll entice quite a few people to book flights. In my opinion, I think it’ll be especially useful for the people who are travelling overseas for work and have the ability to book in the higher cabin; this is probably where the most people will get value from this.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer?

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