Earn 2000 Qantas Points For $30

by Zac George
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Qantas is pretty well known for offering a large variety of ways to attain Qantas points. Whether it be hotels, insurance, flying, dining or shopping, the points add up very quickly, and it’s pretty great for travellers as they can do just about everything they would normally do but also earn points.

One of the companies Qantas has a partnership with is the chemist, Terry White. For a while now, you’ve been able to earn 2 Qantas points per $, and you’re also given some points when you spend a small amount of money.

The two companies are running a small promotion which also now gives you a bonus of 1000 points just for linking your account.

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Qantas Domestic Apron Sydney

What are all of the details of this promotion?

  • You’ll first want to create a TerryWhite Chemist Rewards profile, and after doing so, you’ll want to link that account to your Qantas frequent flyer account then. All of this can be done via the Qantas app, and if you wish to receive those bonus points, you’ll have to sign up and link before February the 2nd. The Qantas points will deposit into your account within six weeks of first linking your accounts.
  • If you’re wanting to get the full 2000 points, after linking your accounts, you’ll have to make a small purchase. To activate those extra points, you’ll have to make a transaction at any of the Terry White stores in Australia. To get these points, you’ll need to make a purchase within 90 days of joining, and unfortunately, prescription items and baby formula do not count towards that $30.
  • The earning rates remain the same, and you’ll continue to earn 2 points per $ except for prescriptions and baby formula.
  • When you’re purchasing in the store, make sure you have your details with you so they can enter them in when you make the transaction.

Is this promotion worthwhile?

At the end of the day, any promotion that entails free points is worth signing up for or at least looking into. This offer will only take you a couple of minutes at most, and it’s free to sign up for the Terry White program anyway.

Here is the link if you want to join and link your accounts.

As a reference, if you were to go and buy 2000 Qantas points through the top-up program, you’ll be paying just about three times as much for the same amount of points.

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If you’re after some points at a small fee, this is an excellent offer with minimal effort. Yes, the amount of points being offered isn’t huge, but you never know you’ll come up short 2000 points for a redemption, trust me, it happens.

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