Qantas Points Club – What Is It & Who Is It Aimed At?

by Zac George
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Finally, it feels fantastic to write about something other than coronavirus related news. This week, in between all of the route changes and fleet grounding, Qantas unveiled a new points program, but it’s got quite a few differences to their already very popular frequent flyer program. The Qantas Points Club is basically a program that is designed for people who don’t necessarily fly very often, but their spending is moderate.

The Qantas Points Club has reportedly been in the works for quite some time now, and it was even delayed at one point. It’s great to see the airline went ahead with it and in my opinion, it’ll be quite popular for people who may not travel as often but will also be popular for frequent flyers.

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Qantas 747

Qantas Points Club – What Is It & Who Is It Aimed At?

In the program, there are two tiers, Points Club & Points Club Plus. To earn the Points Club membership, you’ll need to earn a total of 150,000 Qantas points without flying (credit cards, shopping etc.) and for Points Club Plus, it’s 350,000 points.

Realistically, both of those amounts of points are not hard to attain, especially nowadays with the high credit card signup bonuses as well as the great earn rates on selected cards. If you’re someone who’s in the frequent flyer space, it won’t be too difficult at all.

Below I’ve listed all of the benefits that you get for each tier:

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Qantas Points Club Benefits

Things to note about the Qantas Points Club:

  • Family transfers do not contribute to the earning amounts required
  • Platinum One and Platinum bonuses also don’t contribute to the amounts needed
  • Only 20,000 points from flying will contribute to the two amounts required
  • You can actually buy your way into it using Qantas top-up points
  • You can earn a maximum of 125,000 points with things like shopping, car hire, hotels & Qantas linked credit cards
  • You can earn a maximum of 125,000 points with transfer partners like a credit card with the option to transfer
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Qantas 787 Business Class

Earn status credits on classic reward flights

Now, this is something I didn’t expect to see, but In my opinion, this is a brilliant benefit. This is the first time Qantas has ever let you earn status credits on reward flights, but this is I think what makes it worth earning the 350,000 points. This is great for people who may just want to earn a lot of points and who don’t really worry about holding status that much, this will give them some extra benefits which is great to see.

The other benefit I also like is the bonuses when booking hotels with Qantas’ hotel portal. It’s not often I do book with Qantas Hotels, but when they have a great offer like 9 points per $, and it’s not a chain where I hold status, it’s pretty hard to pass up. This will make it an even sweeter deal.

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it’s refreshing to talk about something positive and a new program that will be beneficial for a lot of people. Out of 13 million members, a large percentage of members wouldn’t be flying that often and this will be something that is easier and much more beneficial for them to achieve and make use of.

What do you make of the Qantas Points Club?


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