You Can Now Fly Emirates To The USA With Alaska Miles from Australia!

by Zac George
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Alaska Milage plan recently had some changes to their program like the ability to now book Japan Airlines awards, but they also added the ability to fly Emirates through to the USA, this was previously not allowed, and flights had to be Ex Asia.

Here’s an example flying Sydney – Dubai – Los Angeles

a screenshot of a flight schedule

The availability is pretty good in all classes especially business class, it’ll also heavily depend on which destination you choose.

Emirates fly to these following USA cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Fransisco, Seattle and Washington.

Emirates also fly out of these Australia cities: Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.

You can also fly out of New Zealand from Auckland and Christchurch.

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The miles required for the redemptions are a little compared to what Qantas charge. Qantas charge the following:

Economy – 90,000 oneway

Business – 192,000 oneway

First – 288,000 oneway


Emirates First Class

How do I get Alaska Miles?

There are three good ways you can get Alaska Miles in Australia

  • Buying miles

Alaska have a brilliant program when It comes to buying miles; you can purchase unlimited miles and the frequently offer 20% to 40% bonus miles when you purchase them.

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  • Transferring from SPG

SPG have to be the most valuble miles of any program. SPG transfer t0 30+ airlines at most of them at a 1:1 rates. Also when you transfer 20,000 points you get a bonus of 5000 points. American Express cards transfer to SPG at a 1:0.5 rate and Diners Club earn 1 point per $

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  • Crediting Qantas flights to Alaska Mileage Plan

Qantas flights earn Alaska points which is another way to rack up miles.

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Personally I wouldn’t do it as the miles required is very high compared to doing Sydney to Los Angeles etc. if you want to go to the USA the loooong way it is quite fun but very tiring, trust me 😉

(Hat tip – One Mile At a Time)

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