Review – Qantas Business Class Lounge Perth

by Zac George
a bar with a row of chairs and a man sitting at the counter

After arriving from Brisbane, I needed to make my way to Terminal 3 which is on the complete opposite side of the airport. There is a free terminal shuttle that operates every hour but wasn’t available the night I was there. So I got a Taxi which cost $20.

The Qantas Perth Business Lounge is the newest of the airline’s domestic offerings. The Brisbane lounge is the next to open in 2 weeks.

a glass door with a sign on the wall

Guests in Business Class, Qantas & Emirates Platinum, and Oneworld Emeralds can access the lounge.

a desks in a room

Qantas Business Lounge Perth

The lounge wasn’t too busy at 8:00 PM as there were only two flights departing at 10, so it was easy to get photos.

a hallway with wood walls and a tv

Qantas Business Lounge Perth

The lounge has a great amount of seating, enough for 350 passengers.

a room with chairs and tables

The lounge was designed by Woods Bagot and the colors, and the design was inspired by the Western Australia landscape.

a room with chairs and tables

The lounge has a lovely airy, natural feel which I love. It’s also well lit.

a room with couches and tables and a plant

The lounge has a few stations which are basically bars. The lounge doesn’t actually have any self-serve drink options, including soft drinks.

a bar with a row of chairs and a man sitting at the counter

Here are some of the wines available:

a group of wine bottles on a table


a table with glasses and napkins on it


a group of jars of candy on a table

The main buffet area which is almost identical to the International Business lounges. There is quite a good selection of both hot and cold food available.

a restaurant with a long counter and tables


a food buffet in a restaurant

As you can see, the only available self-serve drinks available is water and milk for tea and coffee.

a counter with a variety of dishes on it

The main attraction in the lounge is the Pizza bar which is a brilliant concept, and the Pizza is always hot and fresh.

a pizza on a counter


a pizza on a cutting board


a kitchen with pizzas on a counter

Just past the Pizza bar is the actual bar. There are staff always walking around asking if you need anything.

a man behind a counter

The lounge was very quiet until about 30 minutes before boarding which is a little surprising.

a room with tables and chairs

The lounge is quite big for a domestic facility and is 50% larger than what was there before. The lounge is 1365 square meters.

a room with a large table and chairs


a large wooden table with a basket of fruit on it

In the middle dining section, you’ll find a stand with a few types of reading material available.

a shelf with a plant on it


a large kitchen with long tables and chairs

Bottom Line

The Perth Business lounge is absolutely stunning. The wood finishings, lighting, and space is great. I’m excited to see how the new Brisbane one will compare.






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