Qantas Introduces Classic Hotel Rewards

by Zac George

Qantas has recently introduced a new feature when booking hotels called ”Classic Hotel Rewards”. This new concept is almost exactly the same as a classic flight reward but for hotel bookings. Currently, there are 55 properties that you are able to do a classic award at.

The brands and hotels that you can do a classic hotel award at are – Rendezvous, Vibe, Travelodge Hotels Brands, Adina Apartment Hotels and Serviced Apartments. These hotels are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Canberra.

When you go to you’ll want to go to the left sidebar and click the ribbon symbol, this will filter all ”Classic Rewards”.

Before this, you could still use your Qantas points for bookings, but the rates were massive and provided terrible value. Now there are sometimes when they may actually be valuable, but it all depends on when and where you’re staying.

Here is what you would normally pay for a non-classic hotel award.

Important details:

  • The ”Classic Reward” bookings are non-refundable
  • You can not earn points on the booking
  • Only redeem for a hotel if you’re getting some value!!!

Overall, the new program is quite good and will be useful to some members. I can see this being very useful for people not wanting to or can’t redeem for a flight. This is also much, much better value than redeeming for a vacuum or toaster oven!

Hat tip – Featured Image – TFS Hotels

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