In October of 2016, Qantas teamed up with accommodation company Airbnb. The partnership means you can earn points for stays when booking through the Qantas website.

You can earn 1 point for every $1 spent on an Airbnb property. The partnership is apparently quite popular and Airbnb is a rapidly growing service, used in hundreds of countries around the world.

Well now, Qantas’s low-cost carrier Jetstar has just partnered with Airbnb.

The new partnership isn’t near as valuable as the current Qantas one. In the new deal, you don’t actually earn anything, it’s more for showing passengers accommodation options. Jetstar mainly attracts leisure travellers and people who mainly want to travel, most aren’t too concerned as to whether you earn points.

I think the new partnership is interesting but wouldn’t you rather book through the Qantas version to at least get points from your booking? I get some people don’t care about points one bit, (yes those people do exist) and they would find it easier to book through Jetstar.

Until June 4th Jetstar are running a promotion where if you book $250 worth of stays through Airbnb you will receive a $25 AUD travel voucher. To book click here.

If you were looking to book through Airbnb for a holiday, I would heavily advise you to book through the Qantas version and at least you will get some points value back.

Featured Image – Jetstar Australia