Qantas To Introduce Their Own Credit Card

by Zac George

Yesterday Qantas announced that they will be releasing their own credit card into the market at the end of this financial year. Qantas stated that the card will be able to earn a lot of points and have exclusive benefits.

The airline said that the card will be issued by Citi and it will be a MasterCard. It comes at a perfect time as most of our major Australian banks have cut the earn rates on their own credit cards.

This is what the card will look like if you’re interested:

Per Qantas,

“Around 35 per cent of credit card spend in Australia earn Qantas Points, which shows strong interest in this type of reward but also plenty of room for growth,” said Ms Grant.

“This is a premium card aimed at people who love earning Qantas Points and who travel enough to want access to special deals on air fares and lounge access.

“Ultimately, it’s about giving customers more choice by widening the range of cards that you can earn points on and adding some unique features that only Qantas can offer,” added Ms Grant.

At this time there’s no information about the earn rates and benefits that come with the card. I can imagine that they earn rates will be larger for Qantas purchases obviously but I’d love to see the card have a decent earn rate on other things like fuel, supermarkets and everyday spending.

It’s also not known what the annual fee will be but I imagine it will be fairly high like most credit cards in Australia.

Qantas also have credit card partnerships with American Express, Westpac, ANZ. HSBC, Macquarie Bank, Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp Bank, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne, Diners Club, Qudos Bank, G&C Mutual Bank & Bank of Queensland.

Are you excited to see Qantas announce their own credit card and what benefits would you like to see it have?

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DS WP May 11, 2017 - 6:55 pm

Looking forward to more upcoming announcements. No doubt mac bank will make you pay top dollar for it. Depending on the benefits and income requirement im predicting about $400+. If only we took after the u.s and their credit cards.

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