In Australia, we’re very lucky to have many of the world’s top carriers operate services to our major airports. Especially the Asian carriers who are always increasing services to Australia and bringing new aircraft with them. The other night I was planning a trip over to Hong Kong and I thought to myself, ”why doesn’t Cathay Pacific operate First Class to Australia?”

Cathay Pacific First Class

First of all here’s a little background about their services to Aus. They operate multiple services to Sydney and Melbourne with 777’s and A330’s, Perth and Brisbane with A350’s and A330’s and finally, Cairns and Adelaide gets the A330.

The 777’s that CX use on the Australian legs are all 3 class, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class.

Now let’s take a look at other major Asian carriers that offer First Class to Australia.

Singapore Airlines

Possibly the most well known and the best way to get to Asia is in onboard Singapore Airlines. They have First Class configured aircraft from both Sydney and Melbourne and use their 777-300ER’s and A380’s.

The loads out of Sydney are pretty full in the First Cabin, especially in peak seasons.

Singapore Airlines Suites

Thai Airways

Thai Airways operate 2 daily 747’s to Sydney which are fitted with a First Class cabin. I’m still yet to try Thai First but from what I’ve seen, the experience looks fantastic!

Thai Airways 747 First Class

British Airways

Now I know British Airways isn’t an Asian carrier but I thought I would mention them. British Airways operate First Class between Sydney and Singapore daily with their 777-300ER. That flight then continues onto London. This could be something Cathay could do and would make a lot of sense.

British Airways 777 First Class

Japan Airlines

I also thought I’d mention JAL in this list even though they no longer use the 777 to Sydney. The carrier used to operate First Class to Sydney daily with a 777-300ER but they switched to a 787 operated service earlier this year. The carrier seemed to have decent loads but they are really trying to utilise their 777’s for long-haul routes.

Japan Airlines First Class

China Eastern

China Eastern is another carrier that operates First Class to Sydney and Melbourne on a seasonal basis. They also sell First and you’re able to redeem for it if you really want too…

China Eastern First Class

As you can see, there are quite a number of First Class options from Australia and funnily enough, they’re easy to redeem for. It would be fantastic to see Cathay operate a 4-class 777 to Sydney or Melbourne in peak periods and I’m sure it would be quite popular.

Do you think Cathay should bring First Class to Australia?