Qantas Have Officially Named Their 787’s

by Zac George
a plane flying in the sky

As a said in a previous post, I’ve been away for a past week with very limited internet hence the lack of posts. Now I’m back in Brisbane and am able to post as normal.

While I was away, Qantas officially announced the names for the first 8 787’s that the carrier will receive. A few weeks ago, Qantas put out a list of 20 names as a shortlist and the public got to choose the top 8. If you missed the 20 names, they’re below:

a screen shot of a plane

Well, they’ve now decided on the 8 names and they are as follows: Great Barrier Reef, Boomerang, Skippy, Waltzing Matilda, Uluru, Great Southern Land, Quokka and Dreamtime. 

a small animal with a model airplane nose

I think allowing the public choose the names for the aircraft is a pretty great way to get them involved and excited about having it in our skies. There were over 60,000 votes and there were some pretty interesting and hilarious names put forward. As with all of the other aircraft in the Qantas fleet that has names on them, the name will be painted on the front of the nose, just under the cockpit windows.

If you had the chance, what would you call the 787?

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1 comment

Ian June 27, 2017 - 1:51 pm

At least Qantas didn’t end up with the equivalent of “Boaty McBoatFace”!

Although part of me really wishes Vegemite would have won…

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