You Can Now Earn Qantas Points With Uber

by Zac George

Earning frequent flyer points has gotten incredibly easier over the past few years. From buying points, using portals when shopping, using the right credit cards all the way to using transport – they all add up. Uber is without a doubt the biggest name when it comes to ride sharing. It’s reliable, safe, and you’re also able to earn points with your credit card. The company sadly just removed their partnership with SPG and in that deal, you were able to earn SPG points on any ride which was awesome because SPG points are pretty hard to get.

Interestingly, today Qantas unveiled a partnership deal with Uber which will officially take off on November 3rd and it’s pretty different to the partnerships we’ve seen before. In this case, you’ll only be able to earn points when you’re travelling to and from select Australian airports. These airports include; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast, Avalon, Byron Bay, Hobart, Townsville, Perth, Newcastle, Maroochydore and Toowoomba.

Qantas and Uber

Another interesting point about this partnership is that the higher status you hold with Qantas determines how many points you’ll earn per $ per ride. This is a great way to reward loyalty and I personally love the idea behind it.

If you’re a Platinum One, Platinum and Gold member – you’ll earn 3 points per $

If you’re a Silver member – you’ll earn 2 points per $

If you’re a Bronze member – you’ll earn 1 point per $

To earn the Qantas points, you HAVE to book Uber rides through the Qantas app, NOT the Uber app. If you’ve never used Uber before and would like to start earning points on your rides, first time members of the ride sharing service will receive 2000 Qantas points which is a nice head start.

Interestingly, Virgin Australia wanted to start a partnership with Uber back in 2014 but due to the severity and anger from customers of the carrier, the airline pulled out. This was back when Uber was not fully legalised but thankfully it now is in most city’s in Australia, if not all major ones.


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