You Can Now Earn United Miles When Shopping In Australia

by Zac George

Airline Shopping Portals have long been known as an incredible resource when it comes to earning points. Many carriers have them for shopping and dining, in this case, we’ll be talking about United’s Shopping portal. The US carriers have much better setup portals than our airline here but for most of them, you have to be a U.S citizen but that’s now no longer the case with UA.

United’s MileagePlus portal is now available to Australian shoppers! What does this mean? Well, you can now earn bonus Mileage Plan miles when you shop at selected Australian retail stores.

Here’s what the website offers look like:

If you’d like to take a look at the new Australian United shopping portal, click the link here.

The website is still being rolled out by the look as the ”Special Offers’ section is still being updated. I will update the post to reflect new activity once the page is updated.

While I don’t think this will ever be as lucrative and valuable as the U.S based shopping portals but it’s a step in the right direction. Until now, there will hasn’t been an easy way to acquire United Miles in Australia without having to purchase them or fly on them.

Even if you don’t on using the United miles, its always nice to get more back from what you’re paying for so I would suggest signing up for MileagePlus and keeping it on hand.

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