Jetstar Is Cancelling Many Flights Due To Strikes Tomorrow

by Zac George
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In December of last year, Jetstar was the face of quite a lot of media attention and not for the right reason. The company has been accused of paying the lowest wages of any airport worker, and due to this, the Transport Workers Union have conducted strikes in the past in the hope of change. Not only did this include front line staff and ground staff but also previously included pilots in the mix.

The Unions have recently announced when they’ll next strike, and this is scheduled to happen tomorrow which will be the 19th of February. Unlike the previous strikes, only domestic services will be cancelled & all international services remain operating as usual.

a plane on the runway

Jetstar 787-8 Dreamliner

Here is the complete list for all of the services that are cancelled tomorrow, the 19th of February, 2020.


  • JQ500     Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ502      Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ516      Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ522      Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ518      Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ524      Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ507     Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ515      Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ517      Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ519      Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ523      Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ527      Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ810     Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ824      Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ812      Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ811     Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ813     Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ821     Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ560     Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ566     Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ570     Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ563     Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ569     Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ567     Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ408     Sydney to Gold Coast
  • JQ406     Sydney to Gold Coast
  • JQ411     Gold Coast to Sydney
  • JQ409     Gold Coast to Sydney
  • JQ762     Sydney to Adelaide
  • JQ768     Sydney to Adelaide
  • JQ763     Adelaide to Sydney
  • JQ769     Adelaide to Sydney
  • JQ772     Melbourne to Adelaide
  • JQ776     Melbourne to Adelaide
  • JQ777     Adelaide to Melbourne
  • JQ773     Adelaide to Melbourne
  • JQ954     Sydney to Cairns
  • JQ946     Sydney to Cairns
  • JQ953     Cairns to Sydney
  • JQ949     Cairns to Sydney
  • JQ610     Avalon to Sydney
  • JQ609     Sydney to Avalon
  • JQ632     Avalon to Adelaide
  • JQ633     Adelaide to Avalon
  • JQ703     Melbourne to Hobart
  • JQ707     Melbourne to Hobart
  • JQ702     Hobart to Melbourne
  • JQ708     Hobart to Melbourne

What do I do if I’m on one of those services tomorrow?

  • If you’re booked on one of the affected services, Jetstar is allowing you to get a refund. Interestingly they don’t specify if it’s the total amount of the ticket, but in this case, I would imagine it would be. Here’s the form you’ll need to fill out.
  • The airline is also allowing passengers to change the date of travel for free between the 19th and 27th with no cost.
  • If you’re on a service tomorrow that gets delayed or ends up being cancelled, Jetstar will either put you on another service, offer a refund and for travellers that require an overnight, JQ will provide the accommodation for you.


If you’re affected by any of these flights tomorrow or even flying Jetstar domestically for that matter, I would heavily advise that you keep up to date with Jetstar’s social media channels as this is usually be most up to date and quickest way to find out any important information. I’ll link their main channels below.

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