Why it pay’s to read the fine print…

by Zac George
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I’ve travelled over the years and have never had any issues booking, changing or cancelling flights. Until tonight.

I had recently booked an Emirates flight to Auckland through Qantas, plans got changed so I had to cancel it which was not a problem at all as they go into credit. I love this feature!. well here’s where everything went wrong.

I want to use the voucher for the same flight in a few days so I go through the booking process and I’m about to confirm and I get an error message, This isn’t a problem I will book it over the phone. I rang the Qantas Premium number and its picked up within seconds, Thanks Qantas Platinum ;). I state that I need to go from Sydney to Auckland on Emirates the operator then says “Sorry I can’t see Emirates on my screen”. This is when I start to get confused I had a look at the loads and its empty also looked at booking it normally and seats were still available. I’ve done this flight before a few times and I was getting very confused. She then asks for the flight numbers, EK412 and the codeshare QF8764 and replies ”I’m really sorry but there is nothing operated by Emirates on my screen”. Again I go to look at the voucher page to see if there is anything to say I can’t book Emirates and then I see this..

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.00.15 pm

‘Vouchers can only be redeemed on Qantas operated flights’


One of the biggest tips I can give you now is always check the fine print!, It will save a lot of time and confusion.


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