This year has been a massive year for the blog, there’s been a lot happening and a lot of flying was done. As the year is quickly coming to end I thought it’d be a good idea to start planning and look at what I will be flying/reviewing next year but for those who know miles and points, planning doesn’t always work.

This year I’ve had some fantastic flights and some reviews that would be highlights would have to be Etihad’s Residence from Abu Dhabi to Sydneyflying on the longest flight in the world on Qatar’s 777-200LR from Doha to AucklandVirgin Australia’s re-inaugural 777 flight to Los Angeles and of course the Singapore Airlines A380 delivery flight which I’m still writing.

As you can see above, that’s a pretty great list but what’s next?

I’ve been thinking and I’ve come up with a list of 5 products that I really really want to try and want to try fly most before mid year. (None of these are in order).

1. Qatar Airways’ 777 Qsuite

A product I’ve really wanted to try is Qatar’s Qsuite. I covered the seat quite a lot when the airline first announced it so I thought it’d be appropriate to review it and trial it. The airline is also expanding the Qsuite and it’s now on the New York route as well as Paris and London.

When I fly the product I’ll most likely fly it to New York to test it long-haul and well, I absolutely love New York 😉

Qatar Airways Qsuite

2. Singapore Airlines’ A380 New Suites

This one is quite important to me and one I’m wanting to do fairly soon. I’ve flown the old Suites twice now and after taking multiple photo’s and trying the new suite on the delivery flight, it makes me want to try it more and more.

At the moment the new product is only available on the Singapore – Sydney leg and the flight is during the day if on the service to Singapore so it’d be a good opportunity to try it before flying it long-haul in the future.

Singapore’s New A380 Suites

3. Emirates’ 777 New First Class

Emriates’ 777 New First Class has been everywhere on my Twitter feed and I can’t stop looking at fares for it! I’ve flown the old First quite a lot and it’s great but this is next level and cannot wait to trial it.

It currently only flies to Brussels, Geneva and soon London’s Stanstead airport. When I fly it, I’d most likely fly it to Geneva just for something different and I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland.

Emirates New 777 First Class

4. China Airlines A350 Business Class

Yes this ties in with my earlier post but it’s true, it’s a product I really want to try. I love the A350, I’ve heard fantastic things about China Airlines and their Business Class looks awesome so may as well add it to the list.

China Airlines A350 Business Class

5. Aircalin A330 ‘Hibiscus Class’

No I’m not crazy but I really want to fly on Aircalin’s A330 Business Class. I don’t know what it is but I just think it’ll be really interesting and something different. I’ve flown in the pacific a bit and it’s always fun and enjoyable so why not add this interesting and a bit dated product to the list.

Aircalin A330 Business Class

Overall I think that’s a pretty good list so far and it’s products which aren’t too hard to redeem miles for or find a discounted fare.

Anything I should add to the list?