Review – Falcon 900 Sydney – Essendon, Melbourne

by Zac George

It’s no secret I love flying private. I’ve talked about Emptyjets quite a lot on this blog and that’s because they allow normal people to fly this way instead of paying huge amounts of money for chartering an aircraft. I saw an empty leg pop for a Falcon 900 on the website from Sydney and Essendon so I jumped at the chance and decided to book. I wasn’t on my own this flight so it was nice to have some company onboard.

I paid $1700 but that was due to having some money in credit with the company for missing a flight earlier in the year. The flight was normally $3700. The Falcon 900 is a 14 seat jet so if you split that between 14 people, that’s $264, cheaper than a flexible fare on either of our national carriers.

Falcon 900

This was actually my second time onboard this exact aircraft and it felt fantastic to be back onboard. The aircraft is really spacious and has quite a few choices when it comes to seating. There’s single chairs at the front of the aircraft, a table with 4 seats in the middle and 2 couches at the back of the aircraft, each seating 3 people.

Falcon 900 Interior

The departure out of Sydney was absolutely stunning and gave us a fantastic view of Sydney harbour.

Departure Out Of Sydney

We quickly climbed up to 38,000 feet where we levelled off.

View Outside After Departing Sydney


Climbing To 38,000 Feet

As mentioned above, there’s 3 single seats located at the front. These seats can recline and also swivel.

Falcon 900 Interior


Falcon 900 Interior

This is the table which is located in the centre of the aircraft.

Falcon 900 Interior


Falcon 900 Interior

Located opposite the table is where the reading material is found. The flight had an assortment of magazines and newspapers to choose from.

Magazines & Reading Material

Directly next to the magazines is where the snack basket is found

Snack Basket

.At the back of the aircraft is where the couches are found. On longer flights, these can be folded out to make a double bed.

Lounge Seating

Right at the back of the aircraft is where the lavatory is found. It’s surprisingly spacious and I was able to move around pretty easily inside of it.




The flight was catered pretty well with a selection of 2 wines as well as a selection of small food items.

Wine & Water




Chocolate Brownie


Assorted Sandwiches

The view from the jumpseat reminded me of why I wanted to become a pilot, what an office!

View From The Jumpseat

After about 40 minutes, we started our descent into Melbourne’s Essendon airport.

Approaching Essendon


Approaching Essendon


Approaching Essendon


Falcon 900 Interior


Falcon 900


Flying private is always interesting and exciting, it’s pretty awesome to be able to do it at a reasonable price. The ability to walk directly from the car onto the plane is always an awesome feeling and saves quite a lot of time. If you get the chance to take a empty leg, it’d highly recommend it.

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