Emirates Introduce Pay Per Entry To Their Dubai Lounges, First Lounges Included

by Zac George
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Pay per entry is something that Is becoming more and more popular with airlines, and now Emirates have joined In and introduced pay per entry into their lounges. The only catch is that you can only pay to enter the lounges in Dubai. You also, of course, have to be traveling on Emirates to be able to get access.

The thing that is very surprising about the move is that you can even pay to enter their first class lounges!

a lounge area with tables and chairs

Business Class Lounge Dubai (Image – Emirates)

Here are the prices to enter the lounges:

  • First Class Lounges = USD 200 / AED 720
  • Business Class Lounges = USD 100 / AED 360
  • Emirates Lounge = USD 100 / AED 360
  • Upgrade from Business Class Lounge to First Class Lounge = USD 100 / AED 360

Of course, if you are Silver, Gold or Platinum with Emirates you can access the lounges for free. Qantas Gold, Platinum and Platinum ones can access them for free as well.

a group of people standing in a room with bottles of wine

First Class Lounge Wine Cellar (Image – Emirates)

It’s definitely a big move, and I’m sure many travelers will be having mixed opinions about it. The whole point of a first lounge is to be more exclusive than business, but now it won’t make much of a difference. Yes not everyone will want to pay to enter a higher lounge, but there also will be a lot that wants to.

What do you think about the move?

(H/T) Business Traveller

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