Virgin Australia’s New Platinum Card And Bag Tag Design

by Zac George

Sorry for the lack of posts today, just arrived home from a family holiday. Anyway, as I arrived home I happy to see my new Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum card and bag tags had arrived. Virgin updated the design on them early last year. I asked VA about them, and they happily sent me a new set. So here they are.

As you can see the packaging now has ‘Platinum Velocity’ on the side.

Virgin Australia New Platinum Card

The old card is on the left, new one on the right. The color is not as jet black like the old one, but it’s still a nice color. I’m still not sure if I like the ‘Platinum Velocity’ on the side, though.

Virgin Australia New Platinum Card

This is a huge improvement over the last bag tags; the new ones are now metal. The older ones were plastic and would bend and break quite easily. The new tags have your name and membership number on the inside.

Virgin Australia New Platinum Card

The tags are metal but aren’t bulky which is a good thing.

Virgin Australia New Platinum Card

They are a little thicker than previous ones but nothing dramatic.

Virgin Australia New Platinum Card

Virgin will be adjusting the Gold and Silver cards as well. From what I’ve heard they are only minor changes and are almost the same as the current ones.

If you are platinum you can ask for a replacement card and set of tags if you wish.


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