I was supposed to be grounded for the next few weeks to get previous trip reports posted and other things sorted but that didn’t go to plan. Next week I’m off to the United States, not a long trip but there are a few important things I need to get done while I’m over there.

How am I getting there?

Usually, I’d just take Qantas or Virgin as it’s the most direct way but I decided to do something different for a change. I was ready to book JAL First then suddenly someone took the available seat, Damn! I looked around and found Cathay had First Class availability to Los Angeles, so I took that and will now get to try it long-haul and also try the new menu.

I booked Cathay First Class for 70K Alaska Miles and $106 USD.

Cathay Pacific First Class

I’ll be visiting Seattle and Colorado while I’m in the U.S so I’ll be flying both American Airlines crediting to Alaska and Delta crediting to Virgin Australia. I’ve also booked to fly Cathay from Vancouver to New York which will probably be the most comfortable red-eye I’ll ever do.

Going from New York to Los Angeles I’d usually take American but this time I decided I would take Jetblue Mint. I couldn’t redeem miles for it but the prices are pretty great considering the product they offer, it looks fantastic!

JetBlue Mint (Image – Jetblue)

At this stage, I have no plan of how I’m going to get home and I’ll probably end up booking the flights a few days before hand. I’m keeping an eye on Virgin award seats but if nothing comes up I’ll start getting creative.

Is there anything you like to see be reviewed while I’m in the U.S or any particular way I should fly home?