The Next 5 Airlines/Products I’ll Be Reviewing Soon

by Zac George
a plane taking off from a runway

Before the end of last year, I spent a lot of time sitting down and pondering over airlines and aircraft that I’ve wanted to review and test out yet haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Even days into the new year, I sat and sat just writing down dummy itineraries and throwing things around. Still, I finally decided on a few things to book, and I, for one, am pretty excited to show you guys the next flights I plan on taking for review.

This list is a selection of both products I’ve wanted to review for a long time and ones that I’ve said I’d do and need to hurry along with. A lot of these flights are also apart of a particular trip or routing, and I’ll explain precisely all of that as the list progresses.

Thai 747 First Class

The 747 is genuinely just a beautiful looking aircraft; I honestly dread the day we’ll no longer seem them in the skies. Thai operates many 747-400’s still, and one of the best routes that they utilise the aircraft on is the Sydney services. Not only do Thai Airways operate beautiful 747’s but they also have a first class cabin on the aircraft and the best part? It’s pretty easy to redeem frequent flyer points for, and the award availability is quite good, not only in first but business as well.

For my flight, I’ll be flying from Bangkok to Sydney, and by doing the flight this way, it means I’ll get a chance to check out the first lounge beforehand but also enjoy the fantastic ground service that I’ve continually heard Thai provide. For this flight, I used a total of 60,000 Lifemiles (which were bought on sale not long ago) and a total of just over $50 for taxes.

a plane taking off from a runway

Thai Airways 747-400

Malaysia Airlines A330 Business Class

The next two are apart of a status run I’ll be doing later next month to hit Qantas Platinum which will be of great use later I the year. For those who aren’t too similar with Malaysian fares and Qantas earning, MH business fares on short hops within Asia can be exceptionally well priced and especially if you do some exciting and weird routing with stops in places like Taipei or Langkawi.

I was supposed to fly the Malaysian A330 a long time ago; however, plans changed and reviewed another product at the time. I’m happy that I’ll finally be giving it ago and this will also be my first Malaysian Airlines experience, so I’m also rather keen about that.

a man eating a meal on an airplane

Malaysia Airlines A330 Business Class

Malaysia Airlines 737 Business Class

I will be flying on several 737’s so I’ll be reviewing just about all of those services except for the repeated flights. While a 737 business class product is hardly fascinating, for me flying on a new airline is the exciting part, and it’ll be fun nonetheless.

a white airplane on a runway

Malaysia Airlines 737-800 (Image Malaysia Airlines)

Qantas 787 Premium Economy

The Qantas 787 is an aircraft that I have already flown personally but only in business class. The premium economy product is a new one that was launched on the Dreamliner, and I thought it’d be an excellent opportunity to see what the seat is like on a rather small hop over to Auckland. The reason I’m holding off reviewing the economy product is for a very special reason; I’m looking at flying the Perth – London route in a couple of months and thought that’d be a much better test.

For my flight to Auckland, I paid for an economy ticket and used 13,000 Qantas points to upgrade. This time with the booking I did something I really don’t often do, booking early and requesting an upgrade for it to clear almost instantly – I need to get much better at planning and stop leaving things to the last minute which always seems to make something go astray.

a seat on an airplane

Qantas New Premium Economy

Air Vanuatu Business & Economy

This will be the first airline of the south pacific variety that I touch on, and I’m rather eager to try them out. I had already booked a return journey with them, but due to some technicalities and things not matching up, I decided to cancel it and try again.

Economy fares on the carrier can be very well priced, but it ultimately comes to down to which dates. When I was looking, I was able to get a seat for $250 one day then the next was over $1000, it’s quite all over the place. If you want to fly business, points aren’t going to be of any use, and you’ll be looking to pay around $680 and up.

a woman giving a tablet to a woman on an airplane

Air Vanuatu 737 Business Class


The next post will be on products that I plan to do this year and have already planned out but am just in the process of booking and finalising everything. If there is a product or even hotel you’d like to check out, please feel free to comment on your suggestion or also send me an email.

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