Well, this isn’t surprising…

Abu Dhabi’s new Midfield terminal is now set to open in 2019, 2 years late as it was supposed to be opening in September of this year.

The new terminal has definitely had its problems thus far, the reason for the delay is due to the company who was building the terminal. From what I was told, the company who was originally constructing the terminal either dropped out of building it or were fired due to lack of quality, I’ll try to confirm the reasoning ASAP.

Delays are quite a regular occurrence in the Middle East and we’ve seen it quite a few times now, especially in the Aviation industry 😉

The new Etihad First Class lounge was delayed by months….

Etihad First Class Lounge and Spa, Abu Dhabi

The Al Safwa First lounge & Doha Hamad were both also quite delayed….

Al Safwa Lounge, Doha

Eventually when the terminal does open is it set to have the capacity for 45 million passengers, almost double than the current terminals have. Midfield is also expected to be the Etihad only terminal which makes perfect sense as they’re the home carrier.

The terminal will be 700,000 square meters and the design of it looks great!

As a passenger that travels through Abu Dhabi very regularly, it’s pretty disappointing to see it be delayed even more but, I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

I’m very excited to see it open and it’s heavily needed as T1 & T3 are almost bursting at the seams in peak times.

H/T – Gulfbusiness.com