Brisbane Airport’s New Runway Is In Final Stages

by Zac George
an aerial view of a runway and a body of water

Brisbane Airport first announced plans for their brand new runway way back in 2005 and the final go ahead was given to the airport in 2007. Construction for the 3.3 kilometre runway started in 2012 and required clearing of 360 hectares of space, place 11 million cubic metres of sand on that area and install 330,000 wick drains underground.

The progress of the runway has been moving very steadily and it’s really starting to look good. The new runway will be a huge enhancement to the airport with it bringing almost double capacity to the airport. The new airport is on track to open in mid 2020 with the final layer of asphalt being laid which will take 3 more months.

an aerial view of a runway and a river

Brisbane Airport’s New Runway 

Per project director Paul Coughlan,

“Asphalt is the final layer of Brisbane’s new runway – the icing on the cake that is an internationally tried and tested runway pavement design.

“Given that site preparation and reclamation works for the new runway commenced way back in July 2012, it is incredibly exciting to be reaching a point where the end of construction is now in sight,” Mr Coughlan said.

a concrete area with a cross in the middle

Brisbane Airport’s New Runway (Image – Jen Dainer)

Once the airport is fully laid and finished, the airport will move onto the lighting on the runway itself, navigation of course complex ATC equipment.

I flew alongside the runway not too long ago when arriving into Brisbane and can confidently say it looks absolutely great.

I’m really excited for the new runway at Brisbane Airport, it’s going to provide more options for passengers, a greater reach in destinations and an ever increasing list of potential new airlines that want to start Brisbane services given the added capacity in the Queensland region.

What are your thoughts on Brisbane’s new runway, are you excited to see the airport continue to expand?

Featured Image – Brisbane Airport

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