A New Awesome Sleeping Facility Has Just Opened In Dubai Airport

by Zac George
a bed with a headboard and a shelf with luggage

The architecture and buildings in Dubai are just incredible. Home to the world’s tallest free-standing structure, biggest shopping mall, the world’s only 7-star hotel and finally, home to the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic. Funnily enough, I’ve only flown through Dubai twice but have visited many times, it’s one interesting and incredible place to visit.

a large building with many floors and a tall pole

Dubai Airport

As you’d imagine, the airport has some pretty fantastic facilities. It’s home to Emirates so of course, there are a number of massive and impressive First and Business Class lounges. The lounges don’t exactly have ‘sleeping rooms’ like ones that are found in some other lounges like the Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge or Swiss First Class Lounge but rather rest areas that still have some decent privacy.

Sleeping pods are not a new feature and are in airports around the world. Dubai already has sleeping pods and they can even be accessed with Property Pass.

Sleep ‘N Fly has just opened a new sleeping facility in Terminal 3 which houses some pretty cool and unique ‘Igloo pods’ and ‘yawn cabins’

The new facility has a number of ‘Igloo pods’ which are basically the second generation of the sleeping pods. They are quite similar to airline seats as they are upright and can be transformed into an 180-degree flatbed. They also have luggage storage, lighting, and can be fully enclosed.

two beds in a room

Igloo Pods

The ‘Yawn Cabins’ are a really interesting concept and are surprisingly small. They’re only 4 square meters in size. Each room has a double bed, mirror, reading light, baggage storage and even a bedside table.

a bed with a headboard and a shelf with luggage

Yawn Cabins

The cabins are also fully air-conditioned and have sound proof walls which make them perfect for a long layover instead of a hotel outside of the airport.

Below are the prices for both the “Igloo pods’ and ‘Yawn rooms’

a table with numbers on it

This is a great alternative to exiting the airport and staying at a hotel. The prices for the igloos are much, much more reasonable than the Yawn rooms but they are also a little smaller.

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1 comment

Duffy January 22, 2018 - 1:51 am

I had an 18 hour layover and had already 10 hours travel behind me and 14 hours ahead of me.
Unfortunately I decided against travelling into town to stay in a proper hotel. And I made the mistake of not reading the reviews on this website.
I booked a 7 hour period in a yawn cabin through bookings.com. also misleading was the comment on bookings.com that there were only 3 left.
When I arrived at my accommodation, all other pods and cabins were unoccupied. Also at the time of my arrival there was a massive delivery of large cartons probably containing stock as they also sold pillows and blankets. On first impression the cabin looked clean and cosy. But as soon as I payed down, I was surrounded by lots of noise. The staff proceeded to unpack these large cardboard boxes, dropping them heavily on the floor and throwing around the plastic wrapping. After 40 minutes I stuck my head out the door to complain about the noise. It was then quiet for approximately 15 minutes. Just as I fell asleep, it started again and continued for the whole duration of my stay. In the end I’d had enough and cut my stay by 1.5 hours.
These cabins are not sound proof and I would have gotten an equal amount of rest outside on one of those lounge chairs. Bookings.com advertised the room for $59 but I ended up paying $74 after adding taxes. Total waste of money as now I am still extremely tired having to wait another 7 hours for my flight and 14 hours flying time

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