How To Maximise Points Earning When Dining In Australia

by Zac George

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a bunch of posts which will be geared towards people first getting into Miles and Points. When I first started blogging I never wrote about how beginners can start collecting points so I thought It’s about time I do.

As this blog Is based In Australia and that’s my main audience location, I’ll be talking about how you can maximise your points earning in Australia.

I was recently asked what’s the best way to earn points when I’m at Restaurants, here’s what I do to earn a decent amount of points and get great value.

Airline portals are AWESOME, shopping, dining, magazines, they all earn points and it’s a great way to rack them up rather quickly. In Australia, Qantas have a fantastic restaurant portal.

Qantas Restaurants

What makes it so good?

  • You earn 100 points per person dining
  • There is a massive range of restaurants to choose from
  • You can book for up to 14 people

As you can see by the points above, booking through the Qantas Restaurant portal holds some fantastic value. Whenever I go out, I always invite as many people as I can so the points grow quickly.

It doesn’t stop there…

Now say you’ve just booked for eight people, fantastic there’s 800 points. Now it doesn’t have to stop there. If you’re new to earning points you might not know but, you now earn more points through credit cards than any other way except buying miles.

Using the right credit card makes a massive difference to the number of points you’ll earn. For dining, the American Express Platinum Charge Card earns 3 points per $ on restaurants in Australia. Which means you’re double dipping on earning points when dining. 800 points for going to the restaurant and let’s say $1000 worth of spend = 3800 points. It’s really that easy!

American Express Platinum Charge Card

Obviously, 3800 points won’t get you around the world in First Class but It’s definitely a great way to earn points easily and quickly.

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