Review – Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class Brisbane – Singapore

by Zac George

  • I was on a quick around the world jaunt this past weekend and my first leg was from Brisbane to Singapore. The flight is operated by a 777-200 and the Brisbane route has a monopoly with the reconfigured flat-bed aircraft and the older angled flat seats. On my flight, I, unfortunately, got the angled flat seats which are also found on the A330. For this flight, I used 55,000 Krisflyer miles.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    The cabin is in a 2-2-2 configuration and the aircraft has a total of 38 angled flat seats. If you ever flew Virgin Australia’s older A330 Business Class, this will look familiar as this is the exact same product.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    The flight was completely full in Business which is normal for Singapore Airlines out of Australia. Boarding started on time and each passenger was greeted by the lovely Singapore crew.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    I selected row 16 and got a window seat. As I had booked this quite last minute, that was the only seat available.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    Awaiting at your seat will be a pillow and a lovely plush blanket. Sadly, Singapore Airlines don’t provide pyjamas in Business.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    The seat has quite a decently sized IFE screen which is packed with movies, tv series, music and all types of information. The screen isn’t touchscreen and there’s a remote in the side armrest.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200ER Business Class

    The seat doesn’t have the greatest amount of storage, but I quite like the storage compartments which are located on the seat in front of you. They’re big enough to hold a phone, passport etc.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200ER Business Class

    After being seated, the crew came around to offer a pre-takeoff beverage. The choices were champagne, orange juice and water. I went with the fresh orange juice.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200ER Business Class

    As I mentioned before, the IFE controller is found in the side armrest. Also found in the armrest are a bunch of seating and lighting functions. In the center console, you’ll find the power-point.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200ER Business Class

    Singapore also doesn’t provide amenity kits in Business Class, even on long-haul flights as they consider them a waste. Instead, a pair of slippers, socks and an eye mask are provided.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200ER Business Class

    The menu on the flight was quite limited as it was a 12:00 departure and classed as a ‘sleeper service’. Tip – If you’re flying Singapore Suites, don’t go for the sleeper service as the menu is really quite limited compared to other timed services. The menu also featured a nice 70-year celebration cover.

    My camera went flat at this stage so I switched to my iPhone for the following photos, my apologies on the image quality. The service started with a beverage and a packet of nuts. I chose the Apple Bliss mocktail.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200ER Business Class

    And for my later dinner, I went with the Grilled Beef Fillet which was cooked quite nicely.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    After having some dinner, I decided to get some sleep. Even with the seat being angled-flat, I was able to get a solid 6 hours of deep sleep. I would show the bed reclined however, I don’t feel comfortable taking a photo with another passenger next to me as that would be quite an interesting reaction from the passenger…

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    Another thing that always impresses me about Singapore Airlines is the cleanliness of the bathrooms. This was taken at the end of the flight and it was spotless, kudos to the crew!

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    There are 3 lavatories available for Business Class guests, 1 in the front of the cabin and 2 where the 2nd galley is located. The bathrooms feature Miller Harris products.

    Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class

    There’s also a draw in the washrooms that’s filled with shaver kits, combs, toothbrush and toothpaste and moisturiser.

  • Overall

  • This flight was fantastic, more so the crew. Singapore Airlines crew have to be the best in the air and this flight proved why. They’re always smiling, happy and seem to love what ther’re doing. If there was one complaint with the service it would have to do with the menu. I understand the flight time however, it’s still quite limited.


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Chris poor May 25, 2017 - 3:07 am

So,if you are on an inside seat it means you have to step over your neighbour even though they may have the bed extended,to use the Toilet? Doesn’t sound good to me.

Zac George May 25, 2017 - 5:05 am

Yep, it’s pretty annoying.

747always May 25, 2017 - 8:22 pm

Hi. Just started following your blog. I do rather like the way you use the word guest, rather than passenger or pax

John McQueen May 30, 2017 - 8:02 pm

Was the 55k Krisflyer miles for a 100% fare with points? Am wanting to use my Krisflyer points to upgrade from premium economy to fly ADL-LHR return…..any idea on the amount of points needed?

Kathy June 10, 2017 - 9:43 am

Just tried to register for Krisflyer…not user friendly…fields not responsive.

Shaun November 12, 2017 - 12:32 pm

Lots of frequent fliers dislike this older angled seat for sleeping in. But not me! Its actually the only seat in SQ business class (I’ve tried them all now) which I’ve managed to sleep comfortably in for more than six hours. I don’t mind this seat type on my flights between BNE and SIN, at all. EgyptAir has a similar angled seat in their long-haul aircraft; and again I managed to get the best sleep on that too. The problem with SQ’s long-haul seats is that they’re just too hard a surface for comfortably sleeping. Look around and you’ll find it’s the most cited complaint about SQ’s hard product amongst frequent fliers.
Thanks for your reviews. I enjoy reading them.

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