This post won’t be too long, but this is definitely an ‘interesting’ story coming from Cathay Pacific. I was scrolling through some threads on Flyertalk tonight and I came across a thread called ”Special Handling for all Rimowa brand check-in baggage” now at first I thought what a load of rubbish, but then I started to read some of the comments on the thread, and it made me even more surprised to see what Cathay are now doing with check-in Rimowa bags.

CX/KA are now giving special handling to all Rimowa brand check-in baggage, including mandatory fragile tags and special loading.

Now, Cathay hasn’t publicly announced that they are doing it, but from what I’ve seen and heard from some reliable sources this is in fact, true.

Bags are having separate fragile tags and even being put in the luggage cages where strollers usually go.

Rimowa Luggage (Image – Rimowa)

Why is the airline doing this?

I think this is where most people are confused. Rimowa is definitely a massive brand and you can recognize it quite easily. The brand is soo popular and Asia and the airline maybe prioritizing it maybe because of the price? maybe because of the build quality? who knows.

The bags are anywhere from $400-1400USD so they are quite pricey.

I myself am a big Tumi fan so not sure of the build quality of the bags so I can’t comment on that.

Do you think the policy is good or just plain crazy?