Meet and Assist services are a very common thing now in airports. Airports like Dubai, Munich, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi all offer these types of services.

Many airports are expanding to introduce ‘VIP’ services with buggy transport and even a pickup on the tarmac, safe to say these services are getting more and more popular.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport has recently introduced its own version of a VIP service. 

What’s offered?

  • Transfer from your origin port
  • Meet and Greet service
  • Terminal buggy transportation
  • Fast-track Immigration
  • Separate check-in counter
  • Lounge access
  • Exclusive shopping and dining deals

Here is the discounts available for KLIA:

And here are the benefits for KLIA2:

Things to keep in mind

  • You have to be flying either Malaysian Airlines or Malindo Air
  • Passes are apparently between $45 USB and $180 USD (Not sure what the price gap is for)
  • If in KLIA2 you access the Plaza Premium Lounge
  • If in KLIA you have KLIA Premier Access

Who is the type of service for?

I would think these services are usually used mostly by people who are first-time travelers, not similar with the airport, elderly people, people with injuries or even just people wanting lounge access.

I don’t find these services to be valuable to me at all as navigating ‘most’ airports is reasonably simple and if you’re in a premium cabin you’ve got nearly all of the benefits listed above anyway.


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