Yesterday, Lucky at One Mile At A Time posted about Biman Bangladesh airlines wanting to start services into New York which is quite interesting and surprising. He also noted that they also want to expand into Sydney in the future. Here is the photo of the route map provided by Airlineroute on Twitter.

As you can see by the photo above, the green dots represent current destinations and the red indicates future routes. The SIN-SYD leg would be one hell of a 5th freedom flight if it becomes a reality!

The Dhaka – Singapore route is currently operated by a 737-800 aircraft. The plane could make it to Sydney but I’d say it would have to be quite weight restricted. 7 hours in a 737 sounds quite uncomfortable if you ask me.

Here’s a photo of their 737-800 in Singapore, courtesy of Dennis Lau on Flickr.

Biman Bangladesh 737-800 (Image – Dennis Lau)

I can’t seem to find any decent photo’s of the interiors online but from the basic photo’s I’ve seen, it looks quite average and I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to try it, I’ll leave that to Lucky 😉

I do however like the exterior of the carriers 777, the same can’t be said about their interiors especially with 2-3-2 in Business.

Biman Bangladesh 777 (Image – Biman Bangladesh )

Who knows when or even if they will Actually fly to Sydney. It would make for an interesting flight but 7 hours on a 737 just doesn’t sound appealing one bit. Who knows what will happen.

Hat tip – One Mile At A Time