For the last week, I was in New York for the Freddie Awards. The rates for the host hotel (Hyatt Regency, Jersey City) were obscene and I love staying in Manhattan so wanted to stay in the city, despite the awful traffic. Anyway, I was staying at the Hyatt Centric Times Square with a friend and the rate was pretty fantastic, the location is good and It was my first stay at a Centric property.

The property has a fantastic rooftop bar overlooking the city and we decided to check it out one afternoon. I just wanted to sit outside and blog but I was stopped. I was denied as the staff member said I was too young but what we were told was a whole lot different.

Hyatt Centric Times Square New York Bar (Image – Hyatt)

The property is quite nice but the service was hit and miss. As my friend was Globalist we were entitled to water and that was missing, they also didn’t understand breakfast is free but that’s not the point of the story.

We ended up having a few other things go wrong so we ended up sending the general manager a quick email. He mentioned the bar and the policy behind not allowing under 21’s in and the reasoning is quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve heard of in a hotel.

the reason the policy doesn’t allow under 21’s, is because they thought the bar would be busy especially during peak season, and wanted to encourage high-dollar alcohol purchases. They didn’t want an under 21 coming in to get a glass of coke, preventing someone over 21 from coming to the table and buying a $20 martini.

Ok then…

So I get the drinking age in the United States is very serious but this policy is just bizarre. It’s not like the bar is just a ‘bar’ with only alcohol either, they do serve food up there so apparently I can enter a premise that serves alcohol and food but I’m just not allowed to sit at the bar itself. Is that the correct law?

Yes, the website does say 21’s and over but is this policy really to police underage drinking or to make a bigger profit?

What do you think, good policy or just plain strange?

Featured Image – Hyatt