During a Business Breakfast today in Perth, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was Pie’d in the face while he was speaking to the audience. I know some people may not like what he says but this is way too far…

Here’s a video from 7 News about the whole incident, Mr Joyce did continue speaking and even joked about it saying he doesn’t like pie and he’ll need a good dry cleaner.

The video has been shared now tens of thousands of times on social media and people immediately took to twitter with things to say, none of which will be repeated on the blog as a lot of it is quite vulgar.

I know some people may not like Mr Joyce as a CEO and that’s their opinion but this is on a whole different level. I myself have met Mr Joyce and found him to be an extremely nice person and we had a good conversation while at a Qantas event.

For what it’s worth the pie was apparently lemon meringue….

Featured Image – 7 News