Qantas Unveil Plans For Their New Perth International Lounge

by Zac George

The past few months have been massive at Qantas, mainly because of the excitement from their 787’s which are set to arrive in Australia at the end of the year. on the 27th of December last year, the first route from Melbourne to Los Angeles went on sale and just a few days ago, the Perth – London direct service went on sale. So far these are the only two 787 routes Qantas have announced but there are rumours that Paris to Perth could be the next one.

Qantas 787

After the many announcements regarding the 787, there were a number of questions being raised in response to the Perth lounge and the airport etc. Qantas said early on that Perth airport would be getting some improvements for the new aircraft but they didn’t reveal too much at the time. Until now,

Qantas will be creating a new international wing within T3/T4 which will make domestic to International connections much easier. They will also be opening a new International transit lounge which will feature an outdoor deck which is pretty nice. 

Here are the photos of the new lounge that Qantas have released:

Qantas International Perth Lounge

The lounge will be catered by chef Neil Perry and the concept of the new lounge is Australian-BBQ hence the outdoor deck. Qantas have been doing all types of themes in new lounges for the past few years, In the Perth domestic Business Class lounge the theme is Italian with it’s Pizza bar and in Brisbane, it’s Mexican with its Cantina.

Qantas International Perth Lounge

The lounge is also described to feature a dozen shower suites and a wellness centre which could be similar to the Spa’s found in Qantas’ First Class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne. The new lounge is set to open in March just before the Perth – London flight starts on the 24th. Flights to Singapore and Auckland will also use the new facility.

Qantas are also set to open their new London sometime this year. The lounge was supposed to open earlier this year however, delays from construction have been pushing back the opening date. I’d imagine it will open in the next few months as I’ve heard the progress is going quite well.

Qantas London Lounge


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