Qantas Announces Digital Boarding Passes For International Services

by Zac George

Qantas has today announced plans to expand their digital boarding pass access to International flights. The airline currently uses digital boarding passes for all domestic flights and International flights are the next step.

From June, you’ll be able to access the mobile boarding passes from the Qantas website for limited flights. The airline says passengers will eventually be able to access the pass through the Qantas app at a later date.

At this stage, the new technology is only available to be used on Qantas’ Trans-Tasman flights (New Zealand). Qantas have said that they are looking to add this function to more destinations in the future.

This is brilliant news if you’re travelling to New Zealand as a Oneworld Emerald or have eligible lounge access, you’ll be able to completely skip the check-in process (if you have no bags) and are able to maximise your time in the lovely Qantas First Class lounge.

Here’s some key information about the digital boarding pass:

  • It’s available only for Qantas flights
  • It can be used by any passport, although you may need to go to the check-in desk if you require a visa to enter New Zealand
  • Express Path is embedded to the boarding pass so you won’t need to go the desk and get a card
  • It’s available on any device where you can access the website

Overall, it’s great to see Qantas finally using this technology for International services but it isn’t new. Airlines have been using digital boarding passes for around 4 years now. The ability to add passes to Apple’s ”Wallet” is extremely helpful and saves a ton of time.


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Bob May 20, 2017 - 11:27 pm

Interesting…I also noticed that Singapore Airlines now accepts mobile boarding passes departing from Adelaide (and from nowhere else in Australia). I tried this myself yesterday going from Adelaide to Singapore, and the staff were surprised it worked. Apparently this started a couple of weeks ago. Did require a manual passport check at the gate though.

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