Review – Oman Air Embraer 175 Business Class, Muscat – Dubai

by Zac George
an airplane wing and wing of an airplane flying over a city

Not long ago, I was looking through a cloud backup and managed to find a heap of photos I had previously thought got deleted. To my surprise, I was able to recover photos from my Oman Air flight back in June, so I thought I’d finally get around to writing the post.

Due to the blockade between Qatar and the UAE, you cannot merely fly between the two. The easiest way to get to the UAE from Qatar is via Muscat in Oman, and yes, it’ll be a longer journey; still, I was especially excited as I hadn’t ever flown Oman before and was overly excited to see how the airline performs on a short sector.

The Embraer is the smallest aircraft they operate between Muscat and Dubai as you’ll find a lot of services are operated by their A330’s and 787’s.

a row of seats on an airplane

Oman Air Embraer 175 Business Class

The Embraer holds 11 business class seats which are in a 1-2 configuration which is fantastic if you’re travelling solo, it gave me vibes of Virgin Australia’s E190’s that they used to operate.

a seat on an airplane

Oman Air Embraer 175 Business Class

The seats have a large amount of legroom and quite a sufficient recline, the big windows are also a bonus but sadly, my windows were pretty damn dirty.

a row of seats in an airplane

Oman Air Embraer 175 Business Class

Each seat has an IFE screen as well as a USB port, but the entertainment didn’t seem to work on my flight, I suppose there is no need for it when you’re really only in the air for 40 minutes maximum.

a screen on a plane

Oman Air Embraer 175 Business Class

One thing I found odd and rather interesting was the tissues stuffed in the AC vents. At first, I thought this was just passengers being disgusting, but a few minutes later I felt a couple of drops of water on my arm and bizarre sound like crushing ice – it was leaking and it’s apparently a common occurrence, who knew.

a ceiling with a vent and a speaker

Oman Air Embraer 175 Business Class

After having a micro shower onboard, it was time for departure. The crew seemed not at all worried about the AC, and it appeared this is standard practice, okay.

an airplane on the runway

Oman Air Embraer 175

Before departure, the crew came around to offer a pre-departure beverage, and I elected to get the lemon and mint juice.

a glass of yellow liquid on a table

Lemon & Mint Juice

We departed on time and headed to Dubai, which was less than an hour away.

an airplane wing and engine of an airplane

Departing Muscat

As soon as we reached our cruise altitude, the crew sprung into action, and the meal service was started exceptionally efficiently and quickly, this is where the Middle Eastern carriers do exceptionally well.

an airplane wing and engine above clouds

Cruising To Muscat

A small lunch was served which consisted of chicken (which was so juicy and flavourful) as well as some smoked salmon, green peppers and some other salad pieces. A bread roll was also served, but it’s not pictured.

a plate of food on a tray

Meal Service

For a flight that is at most 40/45 minutes in the air, I’m not complaining – the food was actually pretty great.

a plate of food on a table


As I was finishing my meal, the aircraft started its descent into Dubai.

an airplane wing and wing of an airplane flying over a city

Approaching Dubai

Even though the windows were pretty dirty, I was still able to get a good view when approaching Dubai.

an airplane wing and wing of an airplane flying over a city

Approaching Dubai

And just like that, we had arrived in Dubai at T2, which is definitely far from the best terminal at the airport. Nonetheless, I was very excited to be back.

an airplane on the runway

Arrival Into Dubai

This trip was a continuation from the Qsuites flight before my Emirates new first class to Brussels the next day. I was only in Dubai for one night and to see the review of the JW Marriott, take a look here.

Overall  I was extremely pleased with my first Oman Air and would happily fly them again. Only a few weeks ago, I flew on their A330 from Dubai then their 787 to Bangkok which I will be reviewing soon.

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Jonathan December 6, 2019 - 1:54 pm

I experienced a similar phenomenon with a strange ice crushing noise followed by dripping water. Not only did water drip down but also tiny chunks of ice. It continued on well into the flight. In fact it was so annoying I actually had to switch seats. The cabin crew tried to explain that it was due to the extreme difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the aircraft causing some kind of condensation within the system (not sure how accurate that is). The funny thing was this was on a brand new A350-1000!

Zaffar iqbal August 25, 2020 - 7:29 am

Hi i traveled with oman airline from Manchester to maskat and then to Islamabad, when i was to return due to corvid 19 all flights came to a halt , i received a message about a refund what i expected, now back in the uk on a different airline i can’t seem to get a refund can you help plz thank you

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