Review – Lufthansa A319 Business Class, Amsterdam – Munich

by Zac George
a close up of a leather seat

Continuing on with my reviews from my last Europe trip and this review is of Lufthansa’s A319 business class product on the short hop from Amsterdam to Munich.

I’ve flown euro business once before, so I knew there’s absolutely nothing special at all – if anything it’s a joke considering how much more the airline tends to charge. I wouldn’t pay for euro business, but this was included in the ticket when I booked Munich to Singapore, so that’s alright I guess.

The seats are exactly the same same as you’ll find in economy and the only noticeable difference onboard is the blocked seat in the middle, yes, that’s right.

a row of seats on an airplane

Lufthansa A319 Business Class

All up, there is a total of 24 seats in the business cabin, and every seat features a pitch of 31” and a width of 18” again, the economy seats have identical dimensions. For this flight, I selected 1F and ended up having the whole row to myself which is always nice.

seats in an airplane with windows

Lufthansa A319 Business Class

I’d love to know European carriers definitions of ”Space.”

a close up of a leather seat

Lufthansa A319 Business Class

This is also the first time I’ve flown on an aircraft that has the tray table mounted onto the bulkhead, I honestly think it’s a great idea, and it was actually very sturdy, better than the tables coming out of the seat itself.

a magazine in a metal basket

Lufthansa A319 Business Class

Our flight was delayed by about 40 minutes; however, the boarding was done very quickly yet efficiently, and the crew were quite friendly, that’s probably the best thing I can say about the flight.

an airplane on the runway

Lufthansa A319 Business Class

Below is an Austrian A320 with the registration, OE-LBX.

a plane at an airport

Austrian A320

For those that are interested in takeoff videos, here’s my video on Youtube.

an airplane wing and a landscape

Departing Amsterdam

The view of our sunset was also the only other really enjoyable part of the flight, as the sun was setting, we were given some pretty great photo opportunities, especially with the cloud cover.

a view of clouds and the sun from an airplane window



a table in a room

Tray Table

The flight time between Amsterdam and Munich is only about an hour and a half, and a meal is served. I really wasn’t too hungry as I had eaten in the lounge beforehand but to me, what was offered was more a snack selection if anything.

a plate of food on a tray

In-flight meal

I did try some of the prosciutto, and it was nice, but I wasn’t feeling too hungry, and I was trying to wait it out until my long-haul flight, keep an eye out for that review, it’ll be very interesting 😉

a plate of food on a table

In-flight meal


a glass of brown liquid with ice



an airplane wing and the sun in the sky


In just under an hour and a half, we touched down in Munich. I had about 2 hours to wait before taking my connecting flight on the A350 to Singapore.

an airplane on the runway at night

Arrival Into Munich


This was my second flight on Lufthansa, but first time in business, It really didn’t impress me, and I think 99% of travellers would agree, it’s just not a good seat at all – those slimline seats are just shocking.

After this flight, I had high expectations for the A350 flight but oh was I wrong, it was even worse, and I can’t wait to post the review. I really don’t understand how Lufthansa is a 5-star carrier, someone was obviously drunk giving them that award…




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