Qantas have multiple flights to Los Angeles with services from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Most of you may know that Sydney and Melbourne both have two services a day 1 with the A380 and the second with a 747. Brisbane also just has 1 daily service with a 747.

You may also know that Qantas don’t currently operate direct services to New York from Australia but they do operate a connecting flight from Los Angeles to New York with a 747. Sadly you can’t buy this as a single flight but what if there was a way to take this flight at a later date after arriving in Los Angeles and were going to connect to NY? Well, you can do exactly that (If you’ve booked the flights with the Alaska Airlines frequent flyer program)

Qantas 747-400

This may be a little confusing but once I explain it, It’ll be much easier to understand. The only way you are able to fly on the QF11 service from Los Angeles – New York is by maximising Alaska Mileage Plan’s stopover policy.

Here are a few reasons why Alaska Mileage Plan is possibly the best airline program right now:

  • You’re allowed a stopover on an award ticket, even on a one-way flight.
  • The rates for Qantas travel are some of the best you’ll find.
  • You can buy unlimited Alaska Miles and often at a discount.

Here’s exactly what you need to know and how to do it:

  1. You’ll need to find space from either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to New York on Qantas (quite difficult)
  2. You’ll need to ring Alaska (0011-800-25275200) and explain you want to stopover in Los Angeles before continuing onto New York. You can’t do this stopover online.
  3. Get excited to see the U.S!

And the coolest part about the stopover on Qantas? according to Alaska, there is no limit on how long the stopover is when flying on Qantas metal!

Now here’s something important to remember – Qantas don’t have First Class on the 747’s that are used on the U.S routes. So if you use 70,000 for First, you’ll get First from Sydney or Melbourne to Los Angeles and Business to New York. If you book Business at 50,000, you’ll get Business all the way through to Los New York.

Obviously, this won’t work for everyone as not everyone uses Alaska points to book their Qantas awards. But for the ones that do, take advantage of it. This is fantastic if you have a trip to New York planned for a later date.

This could also work if you’re wanting to do the same on the way home and want to stopover in Los Angeles.