WOW – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt And The UAE Cut Ties With Qatar

by Zac George

This is breaking news but here’s what we know so far – The Associated Press reported that The United Arab Emirates and Egypt initially had severed ties with the country of Qatar. Just from that itself is Massive news. Shortly after however, reports were that Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have also cut ties with the country. This is because the three countries believe Qatar is contributing to terrorism.

What we know so far is that the citizens of Qatar will have to leave Bahrain within the next 14 days, and Qatari citizens in the UAE have 2 days to leave the country. There’s no word yet about Qatari citizens in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Saudia Arabia have said that they’ve also pulled troops out of Qatar already.

Qatar Landing In Auckland

Obviously, this is massive news and will heavily impact travellers. Egypt has said that they’ve closed their airspace and ports for the citizens of Qatar. Saudi Arabia is also said to have fully closed their borders. There’s currently no word on what the UAE has done at this time.

I’d imagine there will be tons of flight being cancelled and airports will be chaos. If you need more information, I recommending you ring the airline directly and keep an eye on social media.

More information will be available once there are more updates.


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